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Ready to raise the performance of your business?

Are you at a point in your business where you've got a few employees, and it's challenging for you, but you know the only way forward is to keep expanding, but don't confidently know how?... You feel like 5 employees is a chaotic handful as it is, but you know you need more.

You probably feel like you are spread too thinly because nothing seems to be structured effectively and it's hard for you to pull yourself out of the daily whirlwind, to take a breath and anticipate your tomorrow's results... How am I doing here? And in order to grow your business, you know you need marketing, sales, admin' and the rest in place, oh and don't forget recruitment and training... but then you've gotta deal with ALL the 'people issues' and challenges that comes with it too. I see you... I hear you...

Chances are you probably have a family too and it's hard for you to find balance to proactively and swiftly be a leader in it all. Is all of this starting to have a compounding and negative affect on the performance of your business and how you show up in the world?

Now imagine if we told you there actually is a way to increase your revenue over the next few months… while spending the same, or maybe less time and energy working in your business. And that there are certain structures and ways of navigating business that can take out the guess-work, the stress, the 'survival mentality' and the head-ache.

You’re probably thinking you couldn’t possibly stop the relentless 24/7 hustle and still build a multi-million dollar business? While it might seem unattainable right now, it’s actually not as out of reach despite what you may have been believing and surviving off up until this point.

Investing in yourself and your team whilst building a multi-million dollar business is a skill, and it involves several key things. Thankfully success leaves clues and we can provide them to you and your business.

While it's not always easy and you absolutely do need to put in the work, we can help you take the guesswork out of growing your business through refining your systems, growing your people, dialling recruitment and refining leadership and culture development, so that you can spend your precious time on the business levers that really matter.

We know there are countless ‘experts’ out there right now, who promise business owners the ‘secrets to success’. But the reality is… there is no ‘secret’ or shortcut and most importantly; you can't do it alone.

In isolation, no single business coach, new selling system or marketing hack will instantly transform your business. Because scaling a 7-figure business and trying to manage teams of people is far more complex than that.

This is why we have developed a new approach, which involves harnessing the power of your people in business and streamlining your performance management systems through our unique consultative, coaching frameworks and training programs.

If you're ready to commit to growing your business then you're in the right place.

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Hi, I'm Brad Semmens,

Founder of Objective Consulting.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we've chosen to walk a different path. A path that is often undefined, hard to navigate and full of uncertainty... but we're cool with that.. I think that's what makes us different.

Like you, I have always dreamed of building an empire through creating businesses, to solve the problems of people and the world abroad.

But what I had realised, is that building and scaling a business is mostly never an easy task and it can't always be done alone.. and rarely ever is. I'm sure you've ran into these 2 major problems in business before: Yourself... And other people you get involved. I'm sure you've realised by now that recruitment, performance management, leadership and culture development are the four most under estimated forces rarely spoken about and practice in business. I believe this is why so many businesses fail.

Anyone can start a business, that's the easy part.. everyone is a great at beginning something, but very few can evolve and grow a business in a sustainable and effective way. So why is this?

Because we as business owners.. as humans.. get in the way of progress.. and so do the people you have on your team.

Thankfully, after 8 years of countless hours and money invested into professional and personal development, turtiary education and helping others just like yourself nail business and life, we've built an incredible organisation with a very big mission - To help as many business owners and businesses to thrive and lead an extraordinary life, instead of settling for an ordinary one.

I've helped business owners and leaders throughout the world grow their business, their people and most importantly; themselves.

And I'd love to help you do the same

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